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Contact Details


Most of the contact details for people and centres involved in the Healing Prayer Ministries Network can be found by going to the Prayer Ministry Centres page.


Healing prayer ministry issues can be discussed in the Healing Prayer Ministries Network Blog.


For information about the Healing Prayer Ministries Network contact a Coordinator of any of the Healing Prayer Ministry Centres.


For questions and comments about this website contact the webservant Malcolm Dow at with your questions, comments or requests.

Do you want to know more about prayer ministry? Are you involved in Prayer Ministry and have questions to ask or comments to make? Then why not join the Prayer Ministries Network discussion group?

To join the group:

  1. Enter your email address in the Google box below.
  2. Then click the Subscribe button.
  3. Check your email. After a few minutes Google Groups 2 will send you an email to confirm that you really intend to join this group. This is so no-one can join you up without your knowledge.
  4. Click on the confirmation link within that email.

That's all! If the email does not come within a few minutes, check again later - sometimes it might be delayed. Don't leave it too long to click on the confirm link in the email, it might expire.

Once you are in the group you will receive all of the group emails. All emails come from one address, and all emails are sent to that same address. If you wish to send a post, simply reply to the email you are reading. You might like to also put the group's email address in your address book. It's the only address you will need.

If for some reason you never receive the confirmation email mentioned above (some spam checkers might block it) then contact me (see the contacts page) - Webservant.

This is the public discussion group - anyone interested in Christian healing prayer ministry can join.

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This is the private discussion group - only those active in Australian healing prayer ministry can join. When you apply please tell us who you are and where you minister.

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