Welcome to the Healing Prayer Ministries Network Blog!

Welcome to the Healing Prayer Ministries Network Blog!

Here you will be able to find the latest news, articles, events, courses, and discussion about all things of interest to members of the HPMN, and to anyone else interested in the healing ministry of Jesus today.

Mal Dow, a director of Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre and host of the HPMN website and blog. I’m Mal Dow, the host and moderator of this website and blog. I’m a director of the Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre. If you have any suggestions to make, happenings to announce, comments to make, or would like to be a guest contibutor to this blog, please contact me. My details are on the Contact page of the website.

If you know of resources that others will find useful, such as websites, books, courses, please mention them for inclusion. The easiest way is by entering a comment at the bottom of a post by clicking the comment link found there.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this blog and find it useful in your ministry and your own healing Journey.

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Pastor, webhost, web designer, radio amateur and aspiring pro blogger.
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