Nadia’s with Jesus

On Monday we received an email message, “Have you heard the latest news about Nadia?” This alerted us to her sudden illness and was quickly followed by news of her death. How our hearts go out to Phillip and the family, especially in the shock of their loss. Nadia had endeared herself to all who met her, with the sweet and gentle spirit and a graciousness that comes in a life committed to Jesus.

The leader of the Endeavour Centre, the first of the church prayer ministry centres and, most recently, leader of Fountain Gate Christian Centre prayer ministry centre, Nadia had regularly participated in the Prayer Ministries Network meetings from their commencement and either she or Phillip in the Healing Prayer Ministries Network meetings from 2003. We will miss her. How good to have the assurance that Jesus knows, loves and cares and one day we will be together in his presence.

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Pastor, KYB leader, Came from England for two years, met a man who made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and have been here for 33 years.
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