Speaking in Tongues and Prayer Ministry

The Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues, or glossolalia, is an important part of the believers arsenal in listening to and obeying the voice of God. It is extremely useful in healing and prayer ministry. However, a great deal of the available teaching is misleading, and sometimes deceptive. There is a strong focus on the dangers, prompting believers to live in fear rather than faith, with almost no teaching on the uses of this gift.

Prompted by a comment by Mal Austin about my old article on speaking in tongues: Tongues – making it happen, on the Healing Prayer Ministries Network website, I’ve writen the first of a series on this topic on my Speaking-in-Tongues blog. The first of these new articles is called Tongues five years on.

I will be covering many aspects of the nature, purpose and exercise of the gift, including its usefulness in spiritual discernment, hearing God’s voice, addressing demons, and ministering into the spirit of a person.

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10 Responses to Speaking in Tongues and Prayer Ministry

  1. Stuart says:

    Speaking in tongues is false teaching. It is taught by modern False prophets. Hebrews says that Jesus is the last word.

  2. Ed Steffens says:

    The misunderstanding of this very true and biblical principal is astounding. The critiques of speaking in tounges are simply afraid of what they do not understand or control… so has gone the church for 2 thousand years. Vast proponents of tounges often are well versed in bible detail and doctrine rarely speak with first hand knowledge. Please read the bible as your guide and stop listening to secondhand nay sayers and story tellers. Ask and you shall recieve. Both wisdom and gifts are yours if you only “believe”.
    In His Loving Service

  3. Mal says:

    Stuart, what makes you say that? Was it Jesus who said it or the writer to the Hebrews saying that Jesus said it? In the later case your argument would not allow us to accept your own statement. You’d look like a false prophet yourself. Perhaps some evidence is needed!

  4. Mal says:

    Ed, you are right about that – only those who actually have experience of something, either positive or negative are likely to have reliable knowledge about it. There are far too many armchair theologians around. The key to anything ‘spiritual’ has to be experience. Even receiving so called ‘knowledge’ of it will be a spiritual experience. It’s the difference between knowing about God and actually knowing God. As far as my being a proponent of tongues is concerned, it is with a great deal of first hand knowledge. I certainly ‘believe’, as you put it, and it was hard won belief. Blessings, Mal.

  5. Stuart says:

    Mal, You are misguided. The writer of Hebrews is the same authority as Jesus Christ.
    In the past he spoke through the prophets, in these later times he has spoken through the son. here we have the grammar of present perfect: has spoken. A recent event for the Hebrew writer in AD 63: an event that has finished.

    Doctrine over experience are the words of Calvin.


  6. Stuart says:

    Mal, anybody can get the tongues. It’s too easy.


  7. Stuart says:

    Prayer Ministries is spiritist: You Channel demonic spirits.
    You need to be reformed.
    You are dangerous.
    You preach a false Gospel


  8. Michael S says:

    It seems to me that Stuart is more influenced by what he has read or been taught from the pulpit rather than searching the Scriptures. Our Lord Jesus Christ is very God of very God and His Holy Spirit distributes His gifts as they are needed. Stuart needs to be very careful in his dogmatic hard-line Protestant pronouncements. Calvin had a deep respect for Luther who wrote “the Spirit and His gifts are ours” in the hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God.

    At the same time, christians operating in spiritual gifts should not fear to have their gift tested by Scripture. The work of God can always stand inspection.  

    God Bless,

  9. Stuart says:

    Oh Micheal: writtien as a true misguided Penteeeee! No need to be careful of the truth. Are your tongues really from God? Micheal. Or the Devil in Disguise. Hey give me a call and we can talk more: 0430 436 585. By the way: has God given you any words of knowledge lately? STUART

  10. Stuart says:

    Yhe pentecostal movement is of Satan

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