New Horizons Ministry Centre – Colac

Welcome to a new ministry centre – New Horizons Ministry Centre, hosted by the Uniting Church in Colac. Details are available on the HPMN Centres page.

Thanks to Rob Sterner-Lind for the following details:

Last year Colac Uniting Church had a vision for a prayer ministry centre that would develop into a centre providing many other ministry functions. Late last year they were able to purchase a beautiful 10 acre property situated on the edge of town. God’s hand was obviously on the purchase as approvals went through in what can only be described as a miraculously short time frame.

They now have a team of ten people some of whom have trained at Ellel, some at Restoration, some at Sonrise with all of the team undergoing in-house training in healing prayer ministry since early this year.

New Horizons’ doors have recently opened to ‘real’ clients and there is an air of excitement as we see clients’ lives being changed through the power of the Holy Spirit (not to mention the changes we have seen in team members over the past six months).

New Horizons is headed up by Rev. Kevin and Anne Cranwell.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Prayer Ministries is spiritist: You Channel demonic spirits.
    You need to be reformed.
    You are dangerous.
    You preach a false Gospel


  2. Stuart says:

    All spritists


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