Frequently Asked Questions about Prayer Ministry

Many people have questions about prayer ministry, from basic ones about what it is, to queries about what practices should and should not be a part of prayer ministry, through to questions about where to find ministry and how to be trained to carry it out.

To help answer these questions we have set up FAQ pages on the website.

If you have questions not answered in the FAQ pages then email us and we will try to answer them. We are presently developing a more extensive set of questions with more complete answers on another prayer counselling resources website, and will post the details here when it is ready.

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5 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about Prayer Ministry

  1. Stuart says:

    Your a bunch of spiritists

  2. Mal says:

    Hi Stuart. Is this your response to everything? Perhaps so, judging by your comments on other posts. I’d like you to tell us all what you actually mean by ‘spiritist’ and why you think it applies to us.

  3. Stuart says:


    You must know the meaning spiritist: contacting demonic spirits.
    The Holy spirit you contact is not the Holy Spirit of God. You have been fooled by unsound doctrine. 20th century methods who broke away to get more Holy Spirit and formed the pentecostal movement are a bunch of subjective Heretics. The tongues and prophecy in the early church were attributed to the apostles who planted those churches. The ordinary gifts stopped when the apostles died. However, the extraordinary gift of healing continued. This is Calvin and this is Biblical. I pray that God may destroy the Pentecostal movement within my lifetime.


  4. Hello all,
    You can see our website where we show how we can effectively pray for everything everyday with practical prayers. We are even starting a new challenge, unleash heaven in 2011.

  5. Sorry, forgot our website,, if you have heard about Pastor Chris, you should.

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