John Sandford’s Classic Healing Books Updated

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3 Responses to John Sandford’s Classic Healing Books Updated

  1. angel says:

    It is about one of the most important prayer ministry books you would have ever read it.The John and Paula Sandford have done for their dedication to God and His principals have shown great wisdom in their approach to the many issues we face in the busy days of modern living.



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  2. Stuart says:

    Why don’t you just read the Bible with a good reformed commentary. You might try reading the Westminster Confession of Faith, but the first article wipes out the Pentes. Why read “John Sanford’s Classic Healing’s Book Updated” of HERESY? Read the BIBLE. Paul tells us to love and don’t worry about tongues. I could writes so much more, but I have to go to bed.


  3. Thanks for all your efforts here, and your true hearts to see people set free from hurts, trauma, bondages….
    I pray that God uses your ministry tremendously and opens more doors for His glory.
    Yes, John and Paula Sandford are pioneers to the unbelieving and broken hearts of Gods children. These resources have had a huge impact on my life. I believe this is the standard that god has risen up against the overly religious and world’s psychology., Blessings Dan.

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