Seminar on when God doesn’t seem to heal and on accident trauma healing

Peter and Heather Toth of Anazao Counselling are presenting a seminar called God Wants to Heal So Why Doesn’t He? and Accident Trauma Healing.

It’s on Saturday August 14th 2010 at Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre, 55 Park Crescent, Williamstown, Victoria 3016 (Melways 55 J7)

More information can be obtained from the Healing Prayer Ministries Network website Events Page, where a brochure and registration form can be downloaded.

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  1. Jesus Christ is the focus of Christian healing ministries that are freeing people from the pain associated with unhealthy lifestyles. There is no limit on the healing power of Jesus Christ. Negative emotions are damaging to the body. Modern life is often characterized by a mounting sea of daily pressures and stressful events which are coming at us from every direction. However, the real culprit behind stress and stress related illnesses is not the situations and daily pressures that are bombarding us. The real culprit behind stress is the emotional reactions that we are experiencing on the inside of us. These emotions can generate sickness within our body. Negative emotions release chemical reactions in the body and the brain. These reactions affect organs on every level including the stomach, heart, large muscles, and the cells throughout the entire body. The most dangerous emotions include: un-forgiveness, depression, rage, anger, worry, fear, grief, guilt and frustration.

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