Our experience of the Immanuel Experience Retreat

Di and I (Mal) have just returned from the Immanuel Experience, a 4 day live in retreat at Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge, Kallista. This was advertised here on June 6.

The retreat was run by Martin Elvidge and a team from The Open Hand of Western Australia, and hosted by Catch the Fire Australasia. Note that this is not Danny Nallia’s Catch the Fire Ministries, but is part of the original Catch the Fire, a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994. Catch The Fire encompasses a growing network of churches, a college with International Schools of Ministry, a missions program and events running all over the world.

Now, back to the retreat. If you ever have the opportunity to join in an Immanuel Experience, please take it. The whole time was saturated in love and prayer, and most of all – the presence of Jesus. We did learn about healing prayer ministry, but in a way that I believe anybody could do. And it is effective!

However, the whole experience has confirmed to Di and myself the direction we and our ministry team have been moving for some time now – that the primary purpose of prayer ministry is not to bring healing and resolution to issues, nor is it to remove a person’s pain. These are secondary things. The main purpose is to enable them to come into, and experience, the real presence of Jesus in their lives. The result of this is that Jesus is then able to work with them through their stuff.

How does this change how we carry out ministry? First, it is Jesus’ job, not ours. We just facilitate for the person what Jesus is wanting to do. We keep them focussed continually on Jesus, centred in his presence. They ask him what he wants to look at with them and what he wants to do about it. We don’t try to interject our own knowledge and experience, we just do and say what Jesus tells us.

This is so simple, relaxing and effective. Of course, some of us have had so much training and accumulated such an amount of knowledge and techniques, that it is not at all easy to keep our ideas and hands off. I had to resolve right at the start when I was ministering to someone that “I must shut up”, and I told the person that just to make sure I did it. The resulting ministry was deep, gentle and beautiful, just as it had been when I received ministry myself.

Immanuel Healing and the Immanuel Experience are not just healing methods, they are a lifestyle of living intimately in the presence of Jesus.

There will be a further Immanuel Healing course at Kallista in November this year. Watch for details – space will be limited.

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