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Pat Shepherd

Dorothy Coleman let us all know that Pat Shepherd passed away on Friday 11th March. In Dorothy’s words, “With Jesus at last, to see His Face and be with Him forever!” Thanks, Dorothy, for the beautiful picture.

This page is in memory of Pat, who trained and inspired many people in prayer ministry around Melbourne and other places. Of course, many people knew and appreciated Pat in other contexts as well. I will add to this page any comments, testimonials and memories of Pat sent to me either directly or via the Healing Prayer Ministries email group.

We all send our love to Pat’s husband David and their family at this time, and pray for God’s comfort and richest blessings for them. We especially thank them for sharing her with us and so many other people.


We’ll all miss Pat.

She had an enormous impact on healing prayer ministry training in Melbourne and many other places. She also mentored people in other ministries who are now leaders in the amazing things that Jesus is presently doing in our nation, awakening and revitalising his church and bringing reconciliation among groups in society previously estranged from each other.

Pat took over as director for Wholeness through Christ Australia after June Sutton retired. She proved to be a capable leader and teacher. Di and I are so thankful for her teaching and encouragement. I especially remember all the meals I had at Pat and David’s house before we set off to teach in the evening WTCM advanced course. Also the robust ‘discussions’ in the WTCM board meetings. Another fond memory is from 1995 when I was kneeling beside her with my arm around her while Charles Kraft demonstrated on Pat that Christians can have demons, and that it is OK to talk to them. Before that we had been warned off “doing what Charles Kraft does”. Pat was brave, and the ministry was effective for her and a learning experience for us. She was a strong minded and big hearted lady of the Kingdom of God. Still is, I’m sure. They were good days, and so much fruit has flowed from them.

Di’s first memories of Pat was when Pat was Know Your Bible Administrator from 1981 – 1986, during which time KYB in Victoria grew from 200 to 600 classes. With Natalie Speed, she nurtured me as a KYB leader. Her love for the scriptures and their foundation for the truths on which Christian healing ministry has been built in Victoria was really helpful for me. She could testify to the change in me that Jesus had made when lies I had believed in my heart were exchanged for the truth I had known in my head. She modelled servant leadership and her own healing testimony was a powerful encouragement for those learning from her and receiving ministry.

On Saturday, Faye Noble was telling Di of fruit that continues from the Restoration course at Mt Beauty that Pat taught years ago.

How blessed we are to have known her.

Love Mal and Di Dow

Beth Tephillah Ministry Centre and Williamstown Baptist Church


I am so sad for us that our dear Pat has gone to be with Jesus but overjoyed for her to finally be with our precious Jesus.
I will be in prayer for her family.
With Love
Linda Bond (Ex Heathmont Baptist Restoration Prayer Ministry)


So sorry to hear this news but how wonderful for Pat. Our prayers for her family and friends.
I have always been very appreciative of Pat’s life and her contribution to the healing ministries especially in Victoria.

Sandra Rule
Executive Director
Sonrise Family Ministries Inc.


What a loss but also what a gain! Heaven is richer now! I had a feeling the last time I saw Pat it would be my last, but although my concern was for her, all she wanted was to feel concern for me and where I was at! What an Amazing Lady and what a legacy she has left us, to give ourselves for Jesus and for others for the blessing of His People and for those who know Him not.

Thank you Dorothy for letting us know, and may great comfort from the Lord be yours because you were such a faithful friend to her, and I believe you would be, right to the last!

In the Name of Jesus,

Gary Parsons


What an amazing woman of God, gone home.
I will always be so thankful that God brought Pat Shepherd into my life and into so many lives, what a blessing Pat has been.
She will be rejoicing with Jesus.
May the family be comforted in Christ’s love.
Thank you for letting me know Dorothy.
Liz Lowson


We have so much to thank the Lord for in the ways he taught us through Pat and her humble, obedient sharing of His healing work.

She is quoted often among us, especially in regard to forgiveness!

The Lord bless and keep all her family, and the ministry members at Christchurch.

Jan Sprake


Thank you for letting us know. It’s so sad for Pat’s family and friends. What a great help her program has been to so many ! What a great legacy she leaves.
I know that she will be rejoicing greatly in heaven.
Thank you.
Sharon Hirst


We are very grateful to Pat’s teaching part of the Wholeness for Christ,
That was our first teaching about the prayer ministry,
Pat’s teaching was a foundation for where we are at today,
Condolences and prayers,to Pat’s family and close friends,
Also, Pat was an excellent teacher and leader to the KYB classes,
We remember her fondly,
Tony and Helen Freijah, Horsham


Thankyou for letting us know that Pat has passed away and is now with her Lord.
She has been a great inspiration to myself and our team.

God’s blessings, Love Maaike van Damme


For me, I remember Pat as a true lady, having a good sense of humour and being a great teacher. Also, Pat was so available to be used by God and exercised the gift of discernment to full advantage, as well as being open to the other gifts of the Spirit.  Faye Noble, Tawonga South, Vic.


Greetings from Meg and me. Thanks for the news. We had not heard. We will miss her.

I did not know Pat well but I treasure all the memories of her that come crowding into my memory bank when I think of her. I am, though, disappointed that if I ever get to visit Australia again, she will not be there. She encouraged me with her words and her smiles. She always gave the impression that she was on my (and God’s) side. She was an encourager and a healer.

One experience with two facets stands out to me. She invited me to meet with and speak to what we Americans would call the Governing Board of her ministry team. I agreed happily, feeling she was honoring me. At the end of my talk, then, she asked me to demonstrate my approach to inner healing and deliverance. I agreed and asked her to choose a subject. To my surprise she chose herself! This seemed to me to be an exercise in bravery–that she would risk exposing inner problems in front of those she was leading in ministering to others . This seemed to me to be a brave thing but seemed normal to her and her Board members.

As we got into the ministry, then, I asked what she wanted to deal with, she said “hayt.” which sounded to me like I would pronounce “height.” This puzzled me. I wondered if there might be a demon of height (hayt)! Then it came to me that it was the Aussie pronunciation that was misleading me. So we dealt with the hate problem, right in front of those she was leading in ministry (!), and, I trust, we were able to help her.

So, we thank God for Pat and look forward to eternity with her.

Charles and Meg Kraft

Kraft Deep Healing Ministries, Pasadena, California, USA


As I reflected on my short acquaintance with  her in the WTC classes I remember her with “grace, glow and peace of Jesus as she taught with authority and an intimate knowing and trust in His goodness”. The song that came to mind was “What a friend we have in Jesus”- the last line being “Take it to the Lord in prayer; in His arms He’ll take and shield you, you will find a solace there.” and that is where Pat is now, in the arms of her dear Lord Jesus.

Ann Hodges, Beth Tehphillah Ministry Centre


Thank you for letting us know. She was a great lady, and we are all blessed by having known her. Heaven is rejoicing!!!
Love from Stephanie Johnson


 Thank you for letting us know of Pat’s passing. She will be rejoicing in heaven with her Saviour.

I will always be grateful to Pat for her teaching and ministry. When I started my training at WTCM Pat called out a word of knowledge about a person with a tennis elbow. I responded and received a healing of the severe pain In my elbow. She was a wonderful woman of God and she will be remembered by me with much love.

Thanks again,


Jan Watt


Pat was a great influence in my life not only because we shared similar health issues, but because the teachings she shared with us helped me in my personal life.
As a result of the knowledge of healing prayer ministry that Pat shared and taught, it gave us the opportunity to pass on to others what God has for all of us “in the name of Jesus”.
Pat paved the way with recorded teachings, seminars, including those with overseas speakers, together with the teams around her.
Pat has gone to be with her Lord, but she has left a legacy that, Praise God, will be continued, sharing God’s love and healing grace for us all.
Love – Maggie Spinks


Thanks Dorothy for letting us know about Pat. What an amazing lady she was – I am forever grateful for wonderful training in prayer ministry and how widespread the ministry is from such small beginnings.

Thanks and blessings,
Karen Seymour


Like many others, I knew Pat many years ago at Wholeness through Christ.
She was a wonderful woman of God, used by Him mightily. Pat has left behind a wonderful legacy of healing ministry. She is with the Saviour she loved so well

We are all blessed for having known her.

Blessings Rae Kollmorgen


What a beautiful woman of God and what a tribute to all of us who remember her work in inner healing and prayer ministry. She will be missed by many, but also honoured for the change she facilitated in so many lives. What a wonderful promotion! Thank you Jesus.
Monica Peers


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